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[28 May 2009|06:16pm]
When I am eating a pizza made with organic crust and sauce that is topped in soy cheese with fresh basil and tomato that I grew myself, I see how I could easily become a vegan, or at least vegetarian again.

...Then later on in the same day I go eat hot dogs and a ton of fries, both saturated in chili from Wienerschnitzel.

Is it wrong that I get pretty much the same pleasure out of both??
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[12 May 2009|12:16am]
If I was to ever own one of those snazzy alarm clocks with a CD player, I would wake up to "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits every single day.
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[06 May 2009|11:00pm]
Dear Murder She Wrote,

I love watching you, and I always have. Angela Landsbury is one of my all-time favorite actresses! I have one simple question though: What the fuck are you doing on Hallmark while Golden Girls is supposed to be on? I mean really, haven't the fans of Golden Girls suffered enough this past year?

Lovingly yours forever,
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[27 Apr 2009|10:51pm]
I have slept a total of about 8 hours since Thursday.

I have 3,274 words written or about 14 pages. I still have to finish my literature review, write my abstract, introduction, discussion/conclusion, and finish up my data analysis. I am up to 37 sources. That is fucking insane.

I might OD on amphetamines at any given moment. I have enough in my system to kill a small child 3 times over.

I am shaking, numb all over (but still in pain?), crying, and breaking out in hives from all the stress.


The good news is that my wonderful son Bobby just informed me that Mythbusters proved that you CAN slip on a banana peel, aka the myth I have been writing in for them to test for years.

There is not even a glimmer of sunshine in my world right now. Please, if you have ever once cared about me in the slightest, leave me something funny, stupid, gross, whatever. I just need to be reminded that I am, in fact, still a living human. I really can't tell anymore.

"I swear the pin in my hair got stuck in my head.
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[16 Apr 2009|01:01pm]
I am sucking at everything, school, work, life, family, everything. The only thing I am getting really good at is having allergic reactions.

I slept through work this morning because I tried to pull an all nighter to catch up on school work, which didn't help at all. I never have energy for anything. Sometimes it is a challenge for me to even shower because I am so exhausted from nothing.

My life is falling apart, right before my eyes.
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[13 Apr 2009|01:41am]
Quote of the century.... "You can't play Slayer on Easter Sunday." - Marky
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[31 Mar 2009|05:27pm]
Daaang. I fell asleep while watching Golden Girls and dreamed that I was watching an episode I had never seen before, and it genuinely freaked me out. Now, if you know me well, you know that I know EVERY episode of Golden Girls by heart. I am what you could call a fanatic. See, right now, I have a not-date with a guy in about an hour which means I should probably go shower and get ready, but there are Golden Girls reruns on, so that won't happen. It doesn't matter that I have seen this episode at least 20, 20, TWENTY times, I still can't miss it now that I know its on.
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[09 Mar 2009|01:21am]
Guys are shit. No one has done anything to me, but someone has trampled on THE nicest, most innocent, and genuine person I have ever met. He has used and abused her to the point that I really want to beat the shit out of him, and I really never say such things. Honestly, he better hope to whatever his pussy-ass believes in that he never sees me again. I can't even put into words the ways I want him to suffer right now.
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[06 Feb 2009|01:34am]
So, my friends and I rang up a $104 tab at fifty cent drink night. Yes, that means 11 people drank 208 mother fucking beers in 3 hours. Either the bartender tried to fuck us over, or we can all drink way more than we ever thought possible. I mean, don't get me wrong, it is possible, because it was Me, Colleen, Glenn, Anthony, Woody, David, Roy, Bob, Jeff, Amanda, and Cary, but daaaaamn. That's impressive, even for us!!!
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[30 Jan 2009|03:14pm]
I had to have Dwayne put to sleep on Wednesday afternoon. His hair started to fall out really bad last week or so and I took him to the vet for it on Tuesday because he was kinda acting funky.

They said it was probably a brain tumor, and because of the no fur thing, he caught pneumonia. Then on Tuesday night he started having seizures that hurt so bad he started biting at everything and hitting his head with his paws.

I figured he would be dead by the time I woke up on Wednesday, but he wasn't. Then I figured he would be dead by the time I got home from work, and he wasn't. But he was having really difficult time breathing and his head was just shaking and he wasn't moving so I went in to the vet and had him put to sleep because he was obviously in a lot of pain.

He was such a fighter that they have to give him TWO doses of the medicine straight into his heart because he just wouldn't give up. My baby. I miss him so much already. I completely forgot what my life was even like before I got him.

I buried him in the back yard under the esperanza tree. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means hope, which is all I have left at this point.

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[13 Jan 2009|06:39pm]
Is it possible to understand everything someone tells you, while really understanding none of it at all? That is how I feel right about now, and it is so ridiculously frustrating. I need to just accept that this is how it is going to be so I can begin the arduous process of digesting what this all means. At least it is easier to comprehend this time because I wasn't completely blindsided like I was last time.

I hope this is all vague enough so that no one can fully understand what I'm complaining about, because it is really insignificant when you get down to it. Mehhhh.

Oh well, $2 pint night tonight, which always proves to be enjoyable :)
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[03 Jan 2009|03:42pm]
I just don't see how I can possibly feel so fucking lonely today. I really have no reason at all to feel like crap, which makes it worse.
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[14 Dec 2008|10:54pm]
Tomorrow is the day my life might or might not change. I hope that is vague enough, because I really don't want to stress about it since a) I have no control over the situation and b) I don't want to get myself all pre-bummed in case nothing happens (which is still a major possibility!!). I'm not at all sure what I'm going to say or do if whatever might or might not happen does end up happening. Hell, I don't even know the extent to which it would happen if it were to happen, so that means there would be no way to predict how I would feel. The good news is that I know exactly what I'm going to do if it doesn't happen. I have been going over it in my head for quite some time now and I really hope it goes that way. It wouldn't even make things easier, but it would just be nice. 

Anyways, I'm delirious with studying for finals, which have absolutely nothing to do with all that jibber jabber, so don't think you figured me out just yet.

On a totally random side note, I think I might have an ear infection, but I have no clue how that could happen since I haven't been swimming in a pool since August, and I don't think you can get ear infections from ocean water, whatever. Its probably one of my piercings rejecting or something lame like that.
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[13 Dec 2008|10:04am]
I'm too busy for words, but somehow, here are words!!!! I finally got some new ink done, and it is scabbed up like a motherfucker.

My last fall semester is almost over, hooooray! Two finals down, three to go, lame. Anyways, work is keeping me really busy since we are already preparing for the Vagina Monologues. I really hope I get another part this year.

Anyways, I gotta go because we are having a benefit BBQ at the Texan today. A buddy of mine is donating one of his kidneys to someone he works with, so we are selling BBQ, raffle tickets, cakes and all kinds of other stuff to raise some money for him. If you live in Corpus, you should go!!!!!
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[10 Nov 2008|08:08am]
Quote of a lifetime:

"But if the piss was frozen, wouldn't it be soothing??"
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[31 Oct 2008|01:01am]
Daaang, for the second time this week I am already hungover feeling before even going to bed.

I guess the old drunken Sabrina that was gone for a month or so is totally back.

My poor doggie is getting neutered tomorrow. Send him well wishes and howls!!
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[28 Oct 2008|12:23am]
Ohhh man, tonight my boyfriend and I (wow, that sounds so strange!!) were pretty much going at it, and after, he had to take a puff on his asthma inhaler. I just thought it was adorable. That's just me though.
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[15 Oct 2008|08:23pm]
Is this or is it not one of the cutest little puppies ever???

His owner left him tied to a bench in the park across from my house for 3 days, so I picked him up yesterday. Of course, the owner showed up while I was luring him with treats. I said the dog couldn't stay in the park, so I would keep him in my back yard for the night. He promised to pick the dog up today, and guess what, today is over! He is such a little sweetie, and our present family dog, Jewel really doesn't hate him (and if you know Jewel, that is shocking!). Oh, that's right, he has is part pit with one dark brown eye, one light brown one.

My mom is super psyched and wants to keep him, but my dad just doesn't think it will work and is planning to drop him off at an animal shelter tomorrow. We have one day to convince him otherwise. I guess the good news is that even if I can't keep him, he is such a people-dog that he will find an awesome home in no time.

Oh just in case, is there anyone in the Corpus area in need of a super friendly puppy??

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[10 Oct 2008|03:41pm]
My favorite Revolting Cocks CD is missing. The worst part is since I loved it so much, it never left my car, and was never copied onto my computer. This is terrible. I don't want to hear anything else right now. UGGGHHHHH.
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[03 Oct 2008|03:39pm]
Ooops, as of today, I am up to 15 piercings. They just sort of happen on accident nowadays.

I am a very good guinea pig for Glenn.

He and Chris are dabbling in tattoos. Well, they dabbled, and I am trying to bring them out of retirement because I am tired of all my tats being done by strangers. I want work done by people who are close to me, even if it doesn't look as great, I want the damn sentimental value factor.
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